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Artist / Event proposal form

1st – 16th July 2017

Please complete this form with your event information which we will use to promote your event across social media and the Festival progamme. You can fill the form in electronically HERE:   Festival Application March 2017 – MR         and e-mail it to:

Alternatively, you can print it,  handwrite it and return it to:

Jude Leighton 23 Maple Road, Leytonstone, London E11 1NB

 Important information – A change this year

This year we are asking that you the artist contact and organise your event with the venue. However, we are more than happy to advise or discuss appropriate venues. Please email or message us on Facebook to ask for suggestions. Alternatively, call Angela Struthers (Chair Person) 07908 191 768 for ideas about venues which may be suitable for you. Often just popping in the venue just asking is the best way. Just let them know that you wish to perform for the Leytonstone Festival. We have contacted all the venues and they expecting to be contacted directly by applications.

This will help save on double bookings, mixed up communications and delays in arranging the Festival. So, hopefully this’ll make for a smoother experience for all involved and make the Festival the success we all wish it to be.

Please read the Terms and conditions  at the bottom of the form.

Please write in BLOCK CAPITALS and BLACK PEN when completing by hand.

Deadline for submissions is Midnight Friday 31st March 2017.

  1. Contact details




      Telephone Number


      Email Address



2a. Name of event or performance

This is the title which will be used in the Festival Programme

 2b. Website address    (This is for the Festival Programme)
3a. Description of event or performance. (Dance, Drama, Music, Poetry, Art etc, etc….)



3b How would you like to describe your event in the festival programme? (Maximum 100 words) Please provide as much detail as possible – we may not know anything about you, sell it to us and your audience. If possible please email a photograph that we could use for any publicity for the event.



4. Suggested venue choices.

Contact details
The Wanstead Tap Dan
Luna Lounge Suja
St John’s Church Rev David Britton
Tommy Flynns 692 High Road Leytonstone
The North Star Kevin  24 Browning Road Leytonstone E11 3AR
The Alfred Hitchcock Hotel Maggie
St Andrew’s Church Valerie Vivier 07540 586949                           Jude Leighton 07887537901
United Free Church Fiona Buddell 0208 518 7725
Leytonstone Ex Servicemen’s Club Sharon 0208 539 2954
The Plough & Harrow
The Bell Michael 0208 539 8802
The Star Shah or the manager 0208 989 4028
O’Neill’s Barry 07788671949
The Olive 0208 539 6664
Northcote Tuesday Roberts
The Birkbeck Jackie 0208 539 2584
Other (please specify):

Festival Dates

Date Start time and estimated end time of performance
Sat 1st July  
Sun 2nd July  
Mon 3rd July  
Tues 4th July  
Weds 5th July  
Thurs 6th July  
Fri 7th July  
Sat 8th July  
Sun 9th July  
Mon 10th July  
Tues 11th July  
Weds 12th July  
Thurs 13th July  
Fri 14th July  
Sat 15th July  
Sun 16th July  
6. Request for any financial support from Leytonstone Festival

Please specify how much financial support (if any) you would like for your event. Provide an explanation of these costs. Please remember we are a community festival organised entirely by volunteers. Though we raise funds from WF council, other sponsors and advertising. The sum we raise is very limited, please consider this when applying.

Any event for which you are not charging for will definitely go ahead and be included in the programme.

Check with the venue where you are putting your event on, you may be able to charge an entrance fee. You would need to negotiate that with the venue.

Type Amount in £ Explanation
Artist Fees
Any other costs  / materials etc

Leytonstone Festival

The Best Little Festival

   Terms and conditions

  1. We do not accept proposals that are solely intended to promote religious or political viewpoints;
  1. Incomplete or late forms will not be considered.
  1. If your proposal is accepted, you will be informed and we would ask that you help promote your event and our festival. Use posters, Facebook, Twitter etc. We can provide you with the festival logo, please ask. During your event, please announce that the event is part of the Leytonstone Festival programme.
  1. We pay artists and performers, we do not pay venues. Payment may take time as we rely upon a small amount of funding which mostly comes from local council, it can take time for us to receive this money, we have no access to any funds other than our limited funding which means that it can take some time for us to be able to pay you, this we apologise for in advance, but please bear this in mind when applying. Please be realistic in your request for payment, we will usually pay for reasonable expenses. You will need to submit an invoice following your event for payment. We will check with the venue that the event took place prior to payment.

5.  Leytonstone Festival has the rights to any performance and events.

  1. Leytonstone Festival does not take any responsibilities for any unforeseen cancellation or any losses that arise from late cancellation. We would ask that you give as much notice as possible so we can update social media as soon as possible with any changes.
  1. Leytonstone Festival does not provide any equipment.